Service Helpdesk Support

Tool :Tools for Problem Management Services

We have a service system to open the problem that the customer entered into the form of a reference number. For help with problems or problems with programs or systems. The process will be rough when the customer asks for help. After that there will be. Delegation system Make sure your staff or team is working with you. You can check the jobs that have been assigned. Include report information to analyze the problem and how to solve the error to the smallest and bring the most satisfaction to customers.

IP Phone : telephone system
  • Autoresponder notification Can be published in multiple languages.
  • Can announce the autoresponder menu. To listen to information Or contact each department.
  • Call Flow can be arranged in different working hours.
  • Can determine how to distribute the cable.
  • Can record voice conversation.
  • Transfer calls or conference calls
  • Voice mail box can be sent to the specified email immediately.
  • Supervisor can listen to the conversation between the user and the agent without the user’s knowledge.
  • Supervisor can insert voice chat without user’s knowledge.
  • Optional terminals include IP telephones, PC / Notebook and Smart Phone.
  • Internal call between extension and between branches (in PromptCall group) Free
  • Outbound calls in low cost mobile provinces.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey after service.
  • Real-time reporting and service details via web browser.
  • Export reports to formats such as Excel and PDF.
Call Center Staff : Service staff

The expertise and experience of IT personnel is the answer to the needs of customers who need to hire direct employees as regular employees. Reduce costs for customers in the field of personnel.

Service Onsite Support

  • Troubleshooting various IT solutions to the workplace or home of the customer. Fast
  • Maintaining computer system such as MS Windows, MS Office, Email, Internet.
  • Network equipment such as Router, Firewall, Wireless Access Point (AP) is available.
  • Check the hardware, Software to report to the customer system improvement.
  • Check for security updates, Anti Virus to prevent data corruption.
  • Backup important information to customers in case of need to Format or change the machine.

Service System Engineer/Admin/Network Support

  • Install, configure, test, customize, and maintain hardware and software in the managed product family.
  • Manage and monitor all installed and infrastructure systems.
  • Ensures the highest level of system availability and availability.
  • Monitor and test hardware and software performance for potential bottlenecks, identify possible solutions, and collaborate among team members. To understand the solution to those problems.
  • Prepare all training documents and job configurations for customers.
  • Diagnose, resolve, and resolve all technical issues.
  • Provides preventative maintenance and revision within the limited time SLA as per the technical support agreement.
  • Provides technical capabilities that are systematically assigned to the target / agreed duration.
  • Test and evaluate new hardware and networking.
  • Secure authentication through access control, backup and firewall.
  • Upgrade your system with new versions and versions.
  • Develop expertise in employee training on new technologies.
  • Build internal knowledge with technical documentation, manuals and IT policies.

Service Network

  • Network Installation, VPN, and Network Troubleshooting
  • Slow Internet Troubleshooter Internet is not stable.
  • Anti-Spam Gateway Anti Spam + Virus for Mail Server – Fix-IP Anywhere. Fix IP-File Server for anti-virus Ransomware-Cloud VM backup service system. – Install VMware (vCenter, vShpere). – Install VMware to minimize network downtime. – Get LAN and fiber cable. Inside the building And outside
  • Troubleshooting LAN cable lines. Fiber …. There are services outside the Fiber.
  • Moving from old server to VM (Virtual Machine) – Network (LAN) slow. Can not
  • Networking Work from home (Ideal for executives Or accounting department)
  • Migrating from old server to new server
  • Moving Server IDC (Web + Mail)
  • Mail Server for Spam and Virus Resets (Highly Resilient) – DHCP & DNS Server installation service helps to get the workload of the router. – Terminal Server installation service reduces bandwidth usage between branch and head office. – Proxy Server installation service to speed up. Intranet – Log Server installation service covered by Act 50. – Content Log Server monitor the Internet usage of employees very tight. – Installing WiFi in the office building. The apartment and house – service broadcasting ADSL (DSLAM) resort, apartment or hotel.
  • Firewall Installation Service User’s Internet
  • Intrusion Detection Service And patches within the network.
  • Wireless Outdoor installation for inter-building (Ping time = 1 ms only)

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